Reviews for "Sonic t. Swordsman Ep.3"

Pretty good.

Nice job with the compression.

Movie's much longer than the filesize would have led me to believe.

Hmm. Nice.

This was nice. Hmm. Quite long, but really, it is worth to see. Im waiting that Part2, so make it fast ;)

Fucked up mad crazy.

The moment I see a sprite movie that tries to make a serious and dramatic plotline by crossing games over, I ususally turn it off and vote low because it's absolutely insipid. But... I didn't do that today. Yours was something different, what's the work I'm looking for? Oh, yes, "Interesting". That was episode 3, huh? I feel like the plot was tied together to itself so firmly that I already understand what must have transpired in the first two episodes. You've got a quality that's lacking around these parts, I applaud you for that. Great work.

Great Job!

U did a great job keep it up and make more episodes of it.U gotta work more on how 2 spell.

Great Job!

This was done well. I like how you mix different video game charecters into the story which unfolds into it's own story. My only pet peeves are that one sound that you used pretty repeatidly when Sonic charged up, and before Samus almost exploded. It was just kinda annoying, but enough to wear I don't want to watch the next one!