Reviews for "Sonic t. Swordsman Ep.3"

fucking awsome

just stupidily fucking awsome


You are so cool I love it all the emotions that it brings is great. On like others I like the way you get certian game hero's to join the good fight.No one doesn't get so far on most reviews but you gave sonic a heavy burdon of sorrow that comes to be revenge and then determination to never give up to justice is served,somebody got to go so sonic can feel that pain to never give up and what better then everyone sonic ever cared about. I love this flash cause i am one big sonic fan.


The only bad thing I see is that you should have used the same sounds through all of these. Sure you could of added new sounds but you should keep the old ones. But besides that, COME ON not SAMUS NOW, TOO! Metal had better pay for this! (sigh)


you gone done it again! TAILS, KNUKLES, AMY, CREAM, ROUGE and know SAMUS! why man?


The title says it all. Good job.