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Reviews for "Alloy: Arena"

It's ok.

It is a bit too basic and the enemies are a bit boring. The music got a bit annoying after a while and so did the environment as it didn't change at all. It would have been better to invole more obsticles and more challenging enemies that do more than just run and shoot at you. It is quite good how you could charge into the enemies as a transformed motorbike. A little more variety with the transforming could have been better. There could have also been enemies that transform like you do. So overall it was very ok.


this is really fun and easy

Alloy: Arena

Alloy: Arena is pretty old i consider it to be a classic on newgrounds, reasons why? it is just plain out awsome! This was one of the first game's i have played on Newgrounds and it is one of the best. There is one thing keeping this game from a perfect score is the difficulty after killing the hood rats those damn robot dogs come to fast. But all in all this game is plain out AWSOME! 9/10 5/5


really good graphics AWESOME!

A little hard.

The movement is off somewhat but the shooting is accurate and DEAR CHRIST is the jump high. Also, a bit of a gay walk-cycle, but overall it's not bad.