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Reviews for "Alloy: Arena"

From Yoda

I thought this was an amazing game! im not getting tired of it!everything is great except for the melee , you should fix that problem with the melee range when jump attacking(e.g=have to be an inch away to hit the guy)But everything else is great!

Blood = cool

This game was crazy with the blood and thats a great thing. The graphics were fucking cool as hail and the blood just added to how wicked it is. The full version is probably going to be the shit.


Nintendo turned this down? Heh, they missed out on a lot! This probably would have been a best seller. Too bad, though.


That game is fucking great! Mario Golf that, Nintendo :P
That dog is one fucker of a glitch tho... Just sits there not taking damage from kicks or punches and makes biting noises while you die >:(
Can't wait for the real game! Can't WAIT!!

Amazing game

I love it, the whole style and ideas.
Its kind of like that short robo game ive played before with the dogs, anyway:
Positive:crisp graphics, smooth gameplay, nice timing with the sound and actions, good scripting, cool weapons and combos, fun to play, good idea with the highscores.
Negative:i cant get the try again button to work
A very nice game and i hope to see more soon from both of you.