Reviews for "Stan Lee"

He was a legend,there will never be another person in comics like him. Spiderman,the Hulk,Iron Man,Fantastic Four,the list goes on and on,he created the best characters,and his storytelling was awesome. This picture has been in my favorites for a while,as it captures Stan Lee perfectly,you can almost hear him saying in his iconic voice "Excelsior true believers!"...I really shouldn't be this sad over someone I've never met,but my dad grew up reading his comics,and Marvel characters,especially Spiderman, were a huge part of my childhood,so Stan Lee's death hits me in hard way,as I'm sure the millions of other fans feel too. Rest in peace,Stan Lee.
Edit; I actually didn't know he passed away today until just a little bit ago.I logged on to NG to upload something,and see what's new here when I found out.

This is so wonderful

This should be Front Paged

I Think He Look's Great

I Think You are A Really Good Artist Definitely Keep Up The Good Work !


Nice detail and simple composition. Deffinatly looks like him. But I can't help but feel this could have done with a bit more contrast and light but whatever, that's just me.