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Reviews for "Fly Fight"

i dont get it...

the movie was great but i dont get the last guy. what the hell is he on about? but any way great movie. i love that black sabbath song. "finished with my woman..."any way great job!

Jszostak responds:

apparently, Elfer, the guy who did my backgrounds, did a livecorpes tribute that that guy found offensive, to bad the only move he reviewed was the one movie that elfer didnt make, but the backgrounds he did were awesome


omg that was freaky
the balck and blue dots move a round the palce, have moutchs, teath, sweat, and lazers


this movie was aswoeme. The flies might need more detail, but I don't really care ether way.

Perfect 10.

I love this movie and it is your best yet, I dont think the flies need detail, they look fine as they are and i think there should be a sequal?.

Nothing too interesting or different

I like your use of sound effects and the sound quality was great at times, other times it was muffled. Graphically this is nothing too impressive. But, a great story and great characters can make up for that. Unfortunately this had neither of those things. So, overall. . .this was just so-so.