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Reviews for "Fly Fight"




If there had been a little more attention to the flies I would have rated it better but thats the only real thing I can find wrong good job.

Loved it.

Great movie, would have been 8 but you used Paranoid by Black Sabbath which is the hardest song known to man. Great job, it was fun and it flowed well. Wooo!

I don't give tens often. This earned a couple.

Very nice! Yes, the whole thing was very derivative of the airborne fight between Neo and Smith, but still, the whole thing was very well done, and very entertaining. All of my five are belong to this, I must say. Now I'm gonna have to go check out your other submissions.

Ok, time for a serious review

I tend to write silly willy reviews for flash's, so this is gonna be serious. I found fly fight to be a delightful movie. Although the Vs. Backgrounds were a little to flamboyant for my liking, i liked the style. The music was a great choice ( although i would have preferred something more country) but i still think this is a perfect movie and everyone should watch it.