Reviews for "Poninjas Relinquished"

hey i got an idea

This is really the first anything of Poninjas ive watched, and i really dont wanna sound dumb , but u should make a game outa this. It kinda reminds me of that Madness Avenger line of flashes, taht was madness(no pun intended), anyway, if there isnt already a game, u shoould talk to AngryMOuse14 about makin one

Shinkdog responds:

lol im not gonna make a game, sorry


im so soory to hear that u have to life and wont ge a life due to your addiction to flash. anyway, at least youll end up being a good animator


That was freakin' Awesome and Hilarious!!!! It is the best flash yet!

You have no life...

Anyone addicted to this type of movie has no life, and im proof of that statement.

Next time dude, you should try to rip off of the greatest ninja game ever made, Ninja Gaiden. I would love to see that guy using the Vigorrian Flails, or the War Hammer, it would crack me up...

nice work...

It was cool in a matrix sort of way. When the gay rainbow guy came in and said"sock it to me" that was funny.