Reviews for "Poninjas Relinquished"

Adorably violent.

The ninjas were so cute! At least I thought so. lol The animation was very very smooth. I especially liked the background music, though. Excellent job, you deserved to make it to the front page.

awesome crap dude!!!!

i found all the 8 guys with the writing on them!!!
on the laser gun on the robot:Teh FRICKEN BI LASER

main guy: macromedia flash, it consumes my life! And that is probably why, i'll never have a wife!!

red band guys: Hi it was good of you to zoom in I really like it when people zoom iE it makes me happy

this is some good crap man !!! And i found all the writing but you should have made the guys with red bands on their heads have diffrent stuff!!!


That rocked! Really liked the use of the zoom function too.....made me go back and watch it a couple more times in case I missed anything.

Pretty Cool

its really good. keep up the good work!

Hey this was better then the rest man!!

I saw the others before...but even they were short. They were great still. And this one was long enough to be greater then the others. So I say good luck on your next thing man! :D