Reviews for "Zelda - Outset Island"


Really nice
i liked the strings in it
ends kinda all of the sudden tho.....
but still very nice


This the best zelda remake by far gratz to you


This song sounds incredible. it sounds way better than the original. It sounds like you should be really proud of this piece. keep up the good work dude

Pretty Freaking AWESOME!!

Although I prefer the original, This is Amazing and I don't think I could ever hope to make something this good. I like that you added some improv in some parts, mostly :50-53, but some of the accompanyments were too loud, but it wasn't in any major parts, and at :15-16 I might be mistaken but you were like, an octave too high, but in this remix, it sounds more like a touch of originality, like the improv I had mentioned; Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go play Wind Waker.

zelda rules

i vote because this game is awesome