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Reviews for "WS - Zatoichi Tribute"

fucking sick

holy shitttttt man - you need to tell me how you sample from movies ! what did you do besides putting the samples together?
fresh as fuck, just fucking amazing - you and yun are prolly the sampled hip hop kings around NG atm
keep this up man :D

war-spawn responds:

My process is basically playing things through winamp, and then I rip with stereo mixer on Adobe Audition. Save to mp3, send over to FL 7, cut, chop, screw, flip, dip, and whatever the fuck I'm in the mood to do at that time. Thing is that I use multiple songs' samples for one song, so I need to have a pitch correction vst, in this case I use Melodyne. Works well every now and then, but other than that I'd focus on the pitch switch on the sample settings without any vsts.

voted 5

I loved when I first head you streaming this in Vent, and I love it even more that it's on top 5!

Congrats dude. You really deserved this.

war-spawn responds:

Bout damn time too xDDDD

Thanks for the support bro

Geeks ftmfw!

Your the only person i know right now besides my teacher that uses adobe audition.

I hereby demand a Zatiochi tribute from every member on newgrounds!

also a kung fu .....well, Muay Thai to be exact, film to look for is Ong Bak: Thai Warrior.

Great movie with great action! Dubbing was....comical!

war-spawn responds:

Hell, I'm trying to sample an assortment of samurai flicks. :D

gawd dam!

Dam you just brought some new kind of freshness to newgrounds with this track! 10 stars man fukn brilliant sampling bro.

war-spawn responds:

Thank a bunch. I appreciate it.


This is fucking awesome man! I love Zatoichi. This song brings back memories. And as pretty much everyone said, you simply killed this spawn. Those scratch effects are a killer. Keep em up man. I love japanese samurai movies and all that good stuff and I'm looking fowards to more remixes!

5/5 - 4.69 / 5.00 (+ 0.010)

war-spawn responds:

I'm tryin my nig! I also got like 18 gb of samurai flicks torrenting atm, so you know I'ma be sampling the shit outta those as well. :D

If anything, lets collab on them and all that other good shit. I gotta have Yun work on a few of them too, but working with you would be good as well.