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Reviews for "WS - Zatoichi Tribute"


Is purely epic. It deserves a place in the top five, thats for sure. I liked the deck scratching, that was probaly my favourite part. The only thing im not too keen on is the first vocals. I've never heard the origional song, but I listened to it, and it is a very good Remix, with brilliant Beats. Incredibly catchy.

war-spawn responds:

If I anything, I could zip all the MP3s together and show you exactly what I've sampled. Only thing that I actually threw the whole thing in is the vocals. Only thing I changed up on that is the speed, and that's about it. The rest of the track is cut up to high hell. :D

The Wu-Tang is strong with you.

Definetly feeling this one; lovin' the drums. This belongs on a Wu-tang Clan or MF DOOM album.

war-spawn responds:

Yeah, this one is definitely RZA influenced.

Now i really want to see more zatoichi movies

sounds cool at 00:43, like this as much as the rest of your stuff, especially the remastery of buddha blessed.

war-spawn responds:

Just downloaded all 26 of his movies :D

Well done!

This song is just really well done, I could not find any way to criticize it so I just thought that I would say keep up the excellent work.

war-spawn responds:

There's a few things that I could criticize myself that a few friends brought up to me, like the transition, repetitive drum loop, and the clipping in the vocal section. It's always good try to find things yourself once you're actually done with a song. Makes critique less hard. These things whoever were things I couldn't fix... except for the drum loop... I was just too lazy xDD. Thanks for the review.


I'm not really familiar with the original song, but if it's anything like this, it must be awesome. Fantastic beats, great remixing. I can't believe this isn't more popular.

war-spawn responds:

Isn't just one song in this. I threw about 5 different songs together.