Reviews for "FF7: About Random Battles"


Another instant classic.

p.s. do not even look at the "links" other people give, all they do is foward you to outwar or something like it.

This roxs man, once again, you've out done yoursef

Childofdragons is obviously never heard fo Legendary FRog, little pompous show off would know comedy if it danced the banana phone song naked in front of him, anyway, on my opinion, which i dont give a dam if u like it or not, this animation deserves yet another ovation, indeed i'm never tired to see what new spoofs LF is cooking, FF spoofs being my favorite subject once again, congratz on another job well done, oh, and my compliments to the SUper Flash Bros. kudos to both of yous.


It's all so true! Every last bit, cept the part about no one using Yuffie, i do! Anyways, the game was sweet and addicting, the extra stuff was funny and there are alot of little jokes that not many would get, unless you play.

A Hell Good Movie!!!

Well its a Hell Good Movie for 1 thing. Also the game is great. :> i give this movie a 10 out o 10!!!!!

"Let's make a chobocubo baby!"

I love it when you do shots like that