Reviews for "FF7: About Random Battles"


Frog that was great! U just keep on making these, u know theyre the top movies in NG! I would also like to report bugs when u can click replay and when watching clips in the clipsmeny theres a noise, u'll remove that Im sure, any way I have a idea, well u been doing this "myess"-guy now for some time, why not making it a original character, like a pervert or something, that would fit him. Anyway u'r work is once again amazing and when I see a new flashthingy u did Im just, "WOW, OMG!!!" cos u do things impossible for flash... Keep up the good work!!!!!

Both a movie and a game.

Another great movie by LF and SFB. Great graphics. They looked liked the actual characters in the PS1 game. I liked the black and white color also. Liked it more then the smile movie color. You also used color which was cool. Awesome voice acting. It was as good as Final Fantasy A+ voice acting. Great use on the music also. It brings me back the FF7 days and gets me in the mood of playing the PS1 game. You guys put in a game with it also. Pretty reasonable to have that when you can unlock the bouns scenes that are in color. Plus the game was very addicting and had a great challenge. It was a very funny movie also by the way you had the guy who was doing the voice acting by the way he was acting and on how the tonnberry was killing them while you had the camera on the chocobo:). My 2nd best Final Fantasy movie which is right next to FF A+. Great Job 5/5.


Very entertaining, and so true! The materia game is hard...must speed up mouse....

You are the man Joseph!

Hey Joseph, im your best fan, your are the man!!!! This parody, I waited since you tell on your site that you will do this piece of god! YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!! YOU ARE MY GOD!!!!! IM A LEGENDARYFROGer ( your religion )!!!! YOUR ARE THE MAN!!!!

Just what the portal needed!

Hilarious stuff, man. Final Fantasy VII has arguably the best characters in any game, and makes for great parodies. Most of the time, you you only see them in fanfic form, because nobody wants to parody games in flash unless they have sprites to copy. But hopefully, this cartoon will encourage some change to all that.