Reviews for "Oddgods-3"


Queer.... just downright queer

made no sense.

sorry, but even the other 3 episodes made more sense to me than this. i guess your marching to your own beat, but, its not really my thing.

Interesting Story

After watching 1 & 2 I'd started to understand what happened in Oddgods-0. It's a pretty interesting story so far, and the events in Oddgods-3 should prove to make th next episodes rather interesting.

First one's still the best...

This one was okay, but it kind of ended too abruptly for me. I mean, it was good and all, the animation was smooth, the lighting was perfect, everything! But, it just wasn't the same as the first one. I'm kind of disappointed that it's over, but, oh well. I guess I'll just have to wait for the next great series to come up.


i really dont know what to say...it was diffrent.
good i gues, i mean the animation was great and all...but it was just kinda ..i dont know