Reviews for "Oddgods-3"


Kind of reminded me of some japanese animations that I saw - e.g. Mononoke Hime. I liked the style of the creatures. Keep it up!

what the hell?

Wow good job on making a movie that reminds one of being on Queloods (however you spell it) how can you even making something like this a series? your weird. Get off me.

sorry man nice idea i guess

i thot it sucked but it was original so i gutta give u props for that... didnt make much sense tho


this shoulda got at least 3rd place for the day. so much more interesting than stuff normally submitted by others. i didnt have a clue what was going on. havent watched any other episodes. but i'm sure that doesnt matter much. gj, keep making different movies.

Holy crap

Holy shit am I on acid... no wait I watched this crazy ass video.