Reviews for "Robotic Postapocalyptic"


I'm feelin' Fooly Cooly off of this haha! FLCL

I Knew it!

The Apocalyptic Rock Session, Kanti and the Four Horsemen Rock this afterlife to the foundation!

Ah Crap

Lord Kanti had friends.

We've screwed.



That so looks like lord Canti from FLCL

This is shit...

Yea this totally suck.

Those robots tracked me for hours. Now I'm out of ammo and exausted to death.

Why such a nice day scavenging around had to go so wrong?

(Or; dude you totally won your approach on "realistic" color. Still, the lightning is stylish but doesn't fell real on the robo head (Just a comment since you seem to try new things).

I did remove one score because the middle and the robot at the left are so much copy/paste. Minor modification (excluding the tv) on one of them would have done the trick.)