Reviews for "Rig & Mihai - City Block loop"

Brings Atmosphere

Title says it all. This loop really emphasizes a city life. I also love the instruments, they're great and they remind me of the 30's when the Ink Spots were around. xD

Rig responds:

Haha, glad it works for you :3

Sweet rythyms.

YESSS Live samples. Now I need to get sorohan to record me some stuff >:(

I'm going to get a friend of mine to record some guitar.. we'll see where It gets me.

Nice work!

Rig responds:

Thanks, it turned out nicely!


MmmMm, sexy sound to my sexy ears. =3

Rig responds:

Now your ears are sexy inside AND out.


I love it, it's very catchy.

Rig responds:

It is, isn't it? :d