Reviews for "Rig & Mihai - City Block loop"

OMG this is sooo awsome

I really like the strange airy sound in the background

I rarely have a chance to thoroughly enjoy..,

such a great loop, such as this one. It sounds like something that would need some Vocals, or Lyrics, like ones you'd hear in some good ol' Motown music. Please, sir, won't you give this poor lad some more awesomesauce music? =D


One of the best loops I have heard so far. I loved this jazz loop a lot! The trumpets were perfect and the piano was very good. The synth line was also nice, and Mihai did a tremendous job with the instruments, but you were also great with the beats and the other stuff you used. This really kicks ass! Great work, you two! 10/10 5/5

Sounds great.

Catchy and smooth.
Sounds like... downtown New York/ Chicago jazz club.

And this will finish up the menu ;D

Whoah man, this is so catchy! Jazz and hiphop in one, I was really hoping for that! The two of you did an awesome job!

Rig responds:

Thanks! It really worked out with the trumpets and piano :D