Reviews for ".:Stairway_To_Heaven.(DnB):."

holy shit dude

I never even thought of remixing this song, but damn, you did a frickin amazing job. props.


Amazing man. WHy the hell isnt this on Top 30. Why would u expect bad votes and reviews this is awesome. 5/5 10/10 Even Envy thinks its good lol. Awsome Job man.


You know what, if I was a christian I would believe this song came directly from heaven. Quality, Brassy, Sawy, Catchy AND epic. You got to create more stuff like this. Plain epic.

Absolutely love it!

This is effing amazing. And I'm glad you're willing to take a chance at pissing people off, because honestly this is a work of art. Everything about the original song is perfectly fused with this masterpiece. Nicely done.

Also, I'm starting to become a huge fan of your work.

Absolutely love it.

DnB, oh how I would love to learn how to produce "you"

This is an amazing track! Glad to hear some real EDM music on here for once :)

Would deffo play this one out if I ever had a DnB session.

Keep up the good work!

xenith800 responds:

I try my best, though I'm sure there are a lot of people who just plain hate my tracks, some even because they're jealous :P (and I'm not bragging, it became obvious some time ago).