Reviews for ".:Stairway_To_Heaven.(DnB):."

Good work

this is a very good song

what i like about it is the reese bassline and the nice synths and where it all builds up to the chorus

the only thing you could work on is that in the first chorus at 1:19, the synths are so loud the percussion is hardly audible.

overall 8/10


xenith800 responds:

This song is one of the next that will go under severe remastering, so hiccups will be resolved. Thanks for listening to my stuff. :)

Suprisingly good!

When I saw this I thought Stairway do heaven DnB it must suck but it just proves again that Stairway to heaven is a great song if it sounds good DnB


You know what, if I was a christian I would believe this song came directly from heaven. Quality, Brassy, Sawy, Catchy AND epic. You got to create more stuff like this. Plain epic.


Amazing man. WHy the hell isnt this on Top 30. Why would u expect bad votes and reviews this is awesome. 5/5 10/10 Even Envy thinks its good lol. Awsome Job man.


dude this sounds like Jimmy Urine composed this...fucking awesome!