Reviews for "Livestream Jam May 5 2011"

If my friends ever wonder who Egoraptor is, I just show them this and they get a grip on his personality instantly

Nice design here

So this was a nice design I like all the sketchs and such on this and the fact that you used diffrent color was pretty nifty even so nice job there and really nice effort you bring a sense of energy to the table and thats what I really like about this piece so for me this was cool.

I think a colored border or frame on this would be kind of nifty.


I guess it's kind of cheating to favorite two of these pictures in a row. I'm going to anyway! Dude, these are just unbelievable! I just love looking back at all the sketches you've made. These were never completed, making it all the more fascinating. It's not really so much what you made, but what could have been.

I'd probably be biased in saying that Twilight was the best. Are you a brony?! All of these images provided such good contrast. A lot of good really can come from a livestream! Showcases from you are always amazing. Please submit more stuff to this website!

@kaleshnikov jesus fucking christ its just a doodle, get over it

Marceline! *tears* I think your drawing of her is the best I have seen outside of the original art. I like your style.