Reviews for "Livestream Jam May 5 2011"

So I see Wanda and I see Chill Penguin and I see what looks like Goku and... I notice Twilight Sparkle smack dab in the middle... Egoraptor is perfecter than ever :3

This is pretty rad, i always enjoy the weird shit artists draw when they're tired! Btw is that chick playing the axe guitar Marceline the vampire queen from Adventure Time?

Made me remember my SNES days for a minute :D

Reminds me of a kid in class just drawing anything they can think of to pass time. Very well done. Though I am unsure how many of those drawings would have incorporated both Chill Penguin AND a My Little Pony character :P

Very well done. I do so enjoy your work <(0.0<) ^(0.0)^ (>0.0)>

Oh mai gawd.

I saw Twilight.
I came a little...


three boobs like on paul!!!!!