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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"

JarJar sucks

I'm just like you: sick of Jar Jar. Tobey McGuire should NOT have played Jar Jar at all! In fact, he's just a favorite for little kids. anyway, thank god he got what he deserved; he shouldn't have been in The Phantom Menace, or even in Attack of the Clones.

I had to play this from my laptop though but it doesn't matter; I hope jarjar gets killed in Episode 3

yousa suck.. yo own PB ass

(PB means punk bitch)
excellent, i like the insults the most (haha)
still, jar jar isn't so bad just relatively (no, really) annoying. i mean, in ep.1, remember when sebulba beat the shit outta him? that's good like soda


You should add more weapons
Extremely fun though

pretty funny

i wish theyed let me bring in a shotgun to the carnival dumb moles...alwas get me arrested for "deserbing the peace" and "reckless behavior" AND "reckless endangerment" who do the guards think they are?

Not bad

Not bad, for a whack-a-mole clone. Should give a few more weapons to make it stand out.