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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"


this game was funny. For some reason I cracked up when jar jar said yousa suck.

Poor Jar-Jar......(not)!

Fun game! I still feel bad for Jar-Jar though. Lets face it folks Star Wars is a KIDS movie. George Lucas even said so himself. 3P0, Ewoks, and crap like that was all over the place in the original. I love Star Wars. I'm 25. People should let the little kids like Jar-Jar. Maybe in another 20 years those kids will like Star Wars like we all do. Kids need more movies like Star Wars instead of alot of the crap thats out there. Oh and Jar-Jar sux.......

That Was Fun!

Pretty good for a "Jar-Jar haters" game. This is the better looking Assasian games, since it's not a bunch of photo scans and screenshots. The gun takes a while to get used to, though. Overall, it was a fun gun down.

yeah die jar jar die!

nice flash


this game was great!!