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Reviews for "Tron Samurai"

Such perfection

It is breath taking.The way you combined my love for japanese culture and a great movie is simply awesome.Great job!

this is awesome i wish this was in a game

this looks awesome i envy your art skills. it looks even better with the no face thing so cool.
also a friend of mine wanted me to ask you to make tron spartan.

SuperKusoKao responds:

By Spartan you mean one from Halo? I could probably do that. I've already drawn Isaac Clarke from Dead Space so I guess I could add that to my collection of Tronnifying things.

Nihon Banzai!

Okay then. You've Tron-itized a samurai. Good show. Now, make make a Tron Aku (from Samurai Jack) fighting a Tron Samurai Jack and then I'll be . . . even more impressed than I already am.


Superb form. Excellent blend of vague form with distinct detail. I just freaking love it. What else can I say without sounding like an insincere sycophant?

Forever keep the Art Portal awesome!


this is awsome

tron as a samurai i wonder if clu is aku


is star wars samurai LOL