Reviews for "The Adventure of Sonic"

This movie suxs!!!! I saw it for only 2 mins.

The Movie suxed! :( I wouldn't view the movie.


Atrocious. Do yourself and all of us a favor and never submit another flash film from your friend again. Fix the rating too, the swearing is inappropriate for an "Everyone" submission.

Can we go to negative numbers?

Im sorry...let me stop laughing...ok...just dont put anything else like that here on Newgrounds, its too good of a site!


wtf, i am disgraced that you would even put that on NG, that was pathetic and was almost tooooo horrible to watch... TELL YOUR FRIEND TO NOT MAKE ANY MORE!!!

Well well..

It seems a friend of yours sucks balls.. Get some better audio equipment rather than a boombox and a microphone and get some skill with flash, fuckwad.