Reviews for "The Adventure of Sonic"

im sorry ok?



Why did I watch this? WHY??? Cripes, this wasn't good. The words flashed by too fast, overlayed each other at points. The sonic sprites had a black box around him in some scenes. And the music volume was just bad. And you didn't even make it!!!


This is boring...sry

Good movie

Hey good movie i liked it well i really liked the music the only thing i can say about it is that u need to slow down the speech things I was trying to read one and then it jus dissapeared i was like hey!! but anyways i suggest using speech bubbles or maybe getting someone to record the voices for u either way pretty good toon


Blech. Ancient Predator, do the rest of us a favor and never submit inappropriate "everyone" crud again. Next time make it yourself. Im my opinion...this is blam-worthy.