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Reviews for "EggFiles"

very cool!

very funny and well animated too!
I can't wait to see the next episode ;)

Very Good

A very professional style of cartoon animation indeed, the style was very unique and had alot of neat humor, also the space theme was very creative, and they even had the out of this world sound affects, also the music went very well , and was well fitted with tht wacky humor. Also the animations in the preperation of batlle were great, and also very smooth. Each animation for characters were very much of good detial, and i liked the chalk board scene alot

overall a very well animation film, with a neat intro, and some great alien humor, sounds were great, and some solid backrounds, also great mixing of styles, and reactions and faical expressions were good

nice work and a funny short


that was so awsome!

That was awsome

I gave it a 5. Man that movie it tight. hope thers a part2.


Really great idea! good job!