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Reviews for "EggFiles"

That was really cool!

Graphics: the animation was really nice. i like the imperfect animation on the characters, it give this flash a very professional look. very nice.

Sound: the music was good. i like how the characters didn't have voices, it added to the cartoon effect. kinda reminded me of the old fashioned b&w cartoons minus the subtitles ^.^

Interactivity: not needed

Style: That was an original spin on old themes. this would definately be the first time ive seen UFO's abducting chickens for eggs.

Violence: not needed

Humor: you had me laughing from begining to end. i thought i was gonna lose it when the alien leader was making his speech and the hand with the lighter came up...rofl!

This was a sweet flash. i would like to see you make a series based on the game! i would be here to watch every one! great work ^.^

A stunning vision of the future

wherein humans are overthrown by chickens and exterminated whiliest they hang around on our luxury beaches fighting off evil alien kings and their armies.

Great work.

That was so cute!

It looks like it would be a fun game to play. Would the rooster be the only hero, and how would he fight the aliens? If I were a little kid I might beg my mommie for that game. LOL. Keep up the good work. It looks really funny.

Not all, but a lot of my ROFL are belong to this.

I really enjoyed this animation, it's simple and it tells the story quite well. Also, it reminded me of a story about a king who goes in search of eggs and finds a Dodo egg.

It's the plot Duke Nuken stole for their 2011 game.

Only their's sucked 'eggs'.

:7 -bawk