Reviews for "Frog Trigger"

Awsome Spoof

Good Job on the Spoof.. I was Hooked once you brought up the Nuclear Comics :)

Yea You shoula done more with the FF1 Stuff but I guess not everyone knows that is... Also I loved the KEfka and the Nazi Bazooka with the Swastica :D

Annnnd The Rhymer dude.. I used to kill him alot at the start of them game ^_^


Good job there. Had a kinda good plot, really don't have anything to comment. It was fun ^_^ especially with HarDcOre guy in it :D.

Everyone knows Chrono NEVER speaks!

Whoa, the beginning was lame and stupid up till they finaly left the house, really, bad bad bad, ewness, but suddenly before I could hit X... final fantacy 1? from there I was hooked, hypnotized, it just kept getting better! I'll even let the horrable sword sound effect and the stupid super-speed fade-out trick seen in all chrono trigger movies I know of completely slide because of your genious!! WOW!!!! Btw, Gato's rhyming could alwase be sang-along with when his theme music played in the game...


This is just all around hilarious. Could use a stronger end, though. Something more definite. Maybe an answer to "The End?" is all, like "Yes." That would work. And good cameos by Leo, Kefka, Locke, and Fighter. Keep these comin, yo, and I'll keep watching.


nice movie. cool music too.
overall it was good.
good job.