Reviews for "Frog Trigger"


Another awesome sprite flash. Although I don't know who those guys were they looked pretty good. The story-line was ok but the gay porn was not needed. The little entrance thing was a good touch it added some humor to it, it's all quiet then all you here is a sienfield bass. Well great flash and I would like to see y'all continue with your work.


Well, I did see the gay jokes, but where were the racist/sexist jokes? Either way I thought most of it was funny. I would tell you how I feel about using flash to make someone look gay and/or inferior to yourself, but I know everyone will keep making them. So, aside from the whole point being to call someone gay, good job.

The most shitiest movie ever

This movie was just plain pure grade-A shit. If you can only come up with a story line, a crappy story line for that, by making fun of a guy, then there is something seriously wrong with you. Not only were the sprites, sound clips, and overall appearance bad, but the jokes were also racist/homophobic/sexist/crap. If you continue making things as crappy as this, one day your gonna be in serious shit. Now why dont you take your eyes off of those porn sites for one sec, go out and TRY and get a girl friend. I say try because its obviouse that you have eneough sex appeal to go to the sperm bank. O ya and another thing before I forget, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE FLASH MOVIE BUISNESS

TheGoldCrow responds:

Thanks for teh review =)


Haha, while I thought this was stupid, I also found it very amusing. The General Leo bit was awesome - especially his, erm... Nazi lover. (no, I'm not anti-sematic). :/ The FF1 stuff was also freaking awesome. The sound kind of bothered me, though...

Other than that, everything was yummy. ^^

TheGoldCrow responds:

I know, all that music I attempted to loop sucks balls. Trust me I swear on General Leo's Nazi Lover it will never happen again.

now that just kicked ass!!!

i have not seen a good parady of.... well alot of things in a while on this site, glad that I was able to witness this great piece of work, keep it up bud * thumbs up * just curious bout 1 thing..... why is it that the fighter is always portraid as a retard? no matter what the parody from what ever artist, he is just a dunce cap of a person..... ah well, law of averages :D

TheGoldCrow responds:

Because people all ways rip-off 8-bit theater. I was original was going to make them warp to an 8-bit Theater rip-off instead of the actual FF1 game movie but that wouldn't make much sense. I was just poking fun at how everyone makes him like that in every FF1 animation.