Reviews for "Decline of Video Gaming"

Never gets old

The Decline series was my first ever dosage of flash, and I grew up watching it. The Super Flash Bros are so full of wit and charm and I could watch every single Decline over and over and never bore of them. You notice different things every time you re-watch them and that's what I love about them. So wonderful!

British People

I don't understand it....how are British people so much funnier than everybody else?

Plus, this is the first time I've seen hardcore gamers who aren't fat, lonely and acne-ridden


I have been trying to remember what this has been called for ages! I watched this years ago and i loved it, now 4 years on and its still awesome!

Still funny

Watching this again after quite a few years and it's still hilarious. Also just now noticed the bands listed in the credits and I love you guys even more now.

Mario sets the VCR

Soo true.