Reviews for "Decline of Video Gaming"

the final fantasy joke is obvoiusly going to come true xD. Like we all know final fantasy XX is coming in the distant future lolol. imagine ff in 100 years... funny vid btw. liked it!

british humor... bleh

Even with this video being almost a decade old, it still rings true today...and unfortunately will probably still be doing so years from now unless these developers start making games with REAL innovation and gameplay instead of relying on souped-up graphics all the time. Game developers that I have grown up with are either defunct or, for the ones that are still around, are either letting their leading/popular brands go to waste somehow (Squeenix, Capcom), or are over-milking said brands without much innovation behind it (almost all CoD and MW games fall under this for me).

A long-running video game franchise is just like a long-running TV series, and thus can be treated as such. If you're having THAT much trouble coming up with creative ideas, then either put it on hiatus or cancel it.

So basically it's not the decline of video gaming as it is the decline of innovation by developers. But I still agree with ending a series. Laughed so hard at the Final Fantasy part! Awesome!

this animation...basically this introduce me to newgrounds, and animation itself....this was awesome, back in the day, this was the pinnacle of my day...
And if I may, i'm going to quote a comment below "ahhhh these were the good days back then id go on newgrounds with my friends and we would watch flash movies all day and night, wish it was still the good days." @silentninja720 ... you took the words out of my mind man...dude, i so understand you xD