Reviews for "Decline of Video Gaming"

contemporary Three Stooges... a praise!

Amazing show. I watched it many times for sure!
It really portrays a nerds gang flamming games (again.. a praise). :D
I could identify myself with it, and the feeling was good... *sea waves*
I laughed a lot with the jokes! Even if I already heard some of them,
it is a new experience see them animated.
By the way, thanks for the subtitles! :)

This was amazing.

You people are something unbelievable, you are the greatest ever.
This has to be the funniest movie on the web.


This would one funniest Flash submission I have had the pleasure to witness.

Great movie...

I like this, lots of good jokes and very good voice actors, I'm surprised this is still on the flash top 50....

this is one of the best ive seen!!

this is a brilliant flash, with gr8 graphics, and it had me in sticthes!!
but i didnt get the GTA joke though... oh well!