Reviews for "Decline of Video Gaming"

One of the best flashs I have ever seen

I would have set the humor level to 20 if it was possible ^^ this flash is awesome. One of my favourites.

Going against the flow I guess...

Sorry, but I just found none of the jokes funny... none of the voice acting to be good (all monotone), and the animation to be mediocre at best. The drawing in general wasn't bad, but I felt the whole thing came up majorly lacking from a writing point of view.

And its not like I didn't follow it either... I'm a big gamer and I both understood and saw all the jokes... and they would have been hilarious if the audio and the animation in general wasn't so... DULL.

Well, I'll at least say that all of my friends got a hoot out of it, and we argued for several hours about it in our college's Anime Club (we all being the senior members and officers, we ocassionally feel the need to show good flash videos if they're funny). We showed your video, and about a third of the Club agreed with my friends... (we have about 40 members), but the audience was largely people who rarely played games (too busy watching anime and reading manga).

I'd love to see a remake of this... like with varied speaking tones and more interesting animation. Plus, you should give an option to turn the subtitles off... I could understand them fine.


I loved it, especally the exteras. My fav bit was the Metal gear solid bit that was hielarous (can't spell) and the Devil May Cry and Tomb Raider bit. Fantastic!

Good Sh!t!!!

My summary says it all. Damn, if what you guys say isn't true or what. But yeah, this is both the truth and funny. Good job!!!

sweet! ^_^;

I've seen this so many times yet still it hasn't yet managed to bore me! You guys are great!