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Reviews for "Innania Pom (episode 2)"

Laugh-out-loud funny

I have to agree with EMTZA. It may sound silly, but I'd pay to read this. And I haven't felt that way about a comic in many years. Made me literally laugh out loud. I could see it turning into a multi-year serial...

So I'd give it an 11 for humor if I could. That said, there's room for improvement in the actual animation and sound-quality of the voices... another voice actor wouldn't hurt.


This is really great all around. I'd love to see more Innania. With a little work, this would be market worthy (i.e. I'd pay to see it).

funny like the first one

this one was great, i did like the neighbor who represented all things annoying on the web, and the whole parody of "justice league" was good too. keep up the good work.


You gotta do more of the Pom Squad (next movie)


Dear lord. This one had me cracking up the entire time. Esp when he went for the sugar to the internet thing. And he did the ole You have to send this to 12 other ppl or it will be BAD SUGAR!!!

Haha. Amazing stuff. Your style once again is very good, all frames flowed together, another great loading time and the sound was improved in this one. I can't wait for more of these!

Take care, and keep up the amazing work!

-A Clock Work Mep!