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Reviews for "Innania Pom (episode 2)"


So this was cool glad to see theres another episode now and that intro was pretty good, the story is really good and the characters are cute and adorble here I think I metioned this last time but some subtitles would be really good here anyways nice job

some subtitles


This was better than I thought. These characters did have potential. I loved the reference to the easy money add. I'm glad I don't really see them anymore. These voices are so familiar. Of course you use them later!

Loved the "Dora The Explorer" joke. I like how the jokes keep going. It was weird to see them with mouths. Mushroom! Mushroom!

Awesome! :D


Which to pull?
Blue or Red?
If we mess up,
We'll all be dead
YAAAAY Pom Squad!!


Loved it. Amazing. Needs award. lol i loved this so much that i kept trying to find the first one, AND I DID! its called innania chi. look it up on youtube. i was gonna post the link.... but iwould get banned. :(