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Reviews for "michael the friendly ghost"


Finally he's dead. The LOLING can begin!


way too soon. you posted this only hours after the news, show some respect for the dead. say waht you want about his court appearances (lets ALL remember he was found NOT GUILTY) but this man was an inspiration to many people, and an epic singer.

anyway all that aside, heres a 3 for the drawing.


that was fucking hilarious

There's a difference between dark and insensitive.

This is almost like laughing during a funeral, it's just not what you do.

As far as dark humour, I'm all for it, just when it isn't actually perpetuating negativity and desicrate the memory of the newly deceased.

peixeaquatico responds:

then it is matter of time until you can fun with it

Way too soon

Shame on you.

peixeaquatico responds: