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Reviews for "michael the friendly ghost"

lol funny

dpacuk stfu really now mj is dead do u have no respect in what he did before all the drama and shit. He is the king of pop what you maybe listening to on ur mp3 player or ipod or w.e! Was influence by that so called "Child molester"
I'm so sad that he died and may he moon walk all the way to heaven
the picture is good


Oh my god, I actually almost fell offa my chair laughing at this! xD Amazing! I didn't care for Michael Jackson, and I think all the people whining about his death are being stupid, because as F3ARL3SS23 said, people die all the time. He just happens to be a child molesting millionaire. :3


This is funny and really well drawn. If people find it too soon then get the fuck off NG, this is the place for games/movies/art/jokes that are "too soon" so wtf are you doing here?

It's not like it's really sick or anything, it's a playful joke and I think it's really good =]


RIP michael jakcson

good but

the arts good and it would of been funny but its to soon I mean in a month laugh all you want but It was just a few hours ago that's like someone having a dieing right in front of you then say cool death! It just makes me feel like you had this in your desk and sat by the news waiting for it or just said HES DEAD must draw now!! overall it was all in good fun so you earn a chuckle *heh* heh* dead people