Reviews for "Max Payne 2"


BEFORE: I like my max payne so fuck this up and you shall embrace my wrath.

AFTER:Good.I suppose. THE ARTIST LIVES!!!!!!!!!

Very Good

You're really good at impersonation Max Payne. It's funny to watch. But theres one thing I would change....

When he's talking about being hit like a train in a subway. It would have been better to have underlined the "Was" to make it stand out more.

It's a brilliant submission though.


hehe that was great u just made one really serious game to a really stupid flash it was awesome Max Payne is one of my favourite games of alltime P.S you should make more out of Max Payne 2

this is the greatest Thing to come

You should make some on the sequel.(Which Kicked AsS!)Anyway pretty good,made me laugh


Well it's not perfect but I have played the game and its kick ass this is like a comic version of it...