Reviews for "Max Payne 2"

These just keep getting better

Your movie is a rifle of satire, firing shots into the minds of its viewers. The jokes were falling like raindrops, but I never dodged them.

Additional random metaphor to make me sound cool.


*twinkle, twinkle, little star, how i wonder, what you are* nice medifor lol

sweet cool good best kick ass

you are great you sound like my friend jeff.... DID YOU EAT HIM!!!! ahh you ate him..... woh....too many caffen pills!!!!WOH!

burtonearny responds:

Perhaps I am a bit partial to a roast Jeff, but I don't think I ate him.


MAN that was FUNNY!! Pain in the Bronx!!?? Spaghetti Bolognaise??!! LOL! The lines you say are utterly hilarious. And the voice ain't boring 'cause the dialogue is... hilarious!! When I clicked on the first one, I thought it was some Max Payne remake (maybe in stick figures), then I saw the pictures and was waiting for movement, but you've proved the you don't necessarily need moving action for a great movie. Ala Bob the Ball.
Great Work!


Really really awsome, it made me lugh so much!