Reviews for "Guitar Vs. Piano"

The best song by far on SCGMD 4, without a doubt (in my opinion, anyway.) It's freaking HARD, but in a good way. And of course the music is awesome. :D Fiiting to be the last song on one of the greatest Flash rhythm games of all time.

Well, as I just said, this music is FREAKING AWESOME. :D Nuff said, IMO.

Bro let me tell you right now if there was any possible way to rate more than 5 stars id go above that!!! your fuckin awesome i love your work keep it up

Dude, life just got a billion times better listening to this......UNLEASH YOUR ROCKSTAR!!!!!

Dude. Whoa.
Totally freakin awesome. I could listen to this forever.

Piano Wins,but Guitar still awesome