Reviews for "Guitar Vs. Piano"

@acela944 + review

Please, learn to not posting dumb review. On FFR, when you choice the song, it's clearly writen "Author: Goukisan". How could you ever think it was FFR's song? Jeez.

Other then that, the song is very catchy and I like the way both battle against eachother. :P Just making the song even more interresting. Also I really like the way you put both of them together without overriding the other chart. I mean we clearly hear both of them, it's just amazing.

Awesome song and really worth my 10! Of course, a 5 too :P.


he did make it.. 12yearold.
FFR is a bunch of tunes put together in a shittie colab flashgame

He didn't make this!

This is from FFR! but I love this song! Thanx 4 postin'!


can you plz post a piano tutorial and a guitar tutorial on youtube????

Just like ...

Look like a big fight