Reviews for "NG Time Trial III: SE"


It got me hooked from the very beginning! Couldn't exit the window, cuz I had to see if he was going to make it into paradise or not. Everything's good so far. but THEN a big sign says To be continued! And I was destroyed... Hope to see more.

One minor issue, I was a little disturbed that it was too "light"... The movie would be stronger if everything was a lot darker. Perhaps some greyish tinting on the backgrounds or something, dunno... To sum it up: Good movie, bad ending.


mmmmm Dr. Suess and Dali

Its like Dr Suess and Dali Crapped a Flash moive in Satan's brain....

really good

This was really good for 3 days, cant wait for the conclusion!

Very creative and detailed

I liked how original this was, you payed attention to details like the demon sleeping on the rock.

It was o-k.

I just don't get it though. Why was a pice of string looking for paridice?