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Reviews for "Reginald"

He likes the finer things...

Like caviar, monocles, top hats, archery, yachts, antiques, philosophy, philanthropy, mythology, and words with fancy accent markings.

Did you paint this on wood? Otherwise the wood background is awesome. Also you captured the antlers perfectly

my god

such poise. this makes me want to cry

Very mellow and woody.

Love the rather muted tones; feels very natural somehow.

Reminds me of the psychotic business deer of Scenes from a Multiverse:

shebitmefirst responds:

hah... I was unaware of the existence of Cornelius Snarlington, business deer until just now, but I completely see the similarity. I have no doubt that his spreadsheets would also echo through the ages.

My God, that was truly amazing !

someone who wants some tea or mabye we just order a pizza and then we look at old pictures or new ones :D


What else should i say?