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Reviews for "Reginald"

I shall never hunt again.

Dear old boy Reginald, I swear to you, never will I fire a rifle at one of your kind ever again! Pass the tobacco good sir, I need a pinch, wot wot!

Wonder what he's contemplating?

Could it be plans for a stag party? XD
But this looks great except maybe for the ear on the right - that staying directly in line with the antler is a bit distracting somehow.

very intriguing, indeed...

I admire your decision of letting the audience think for themselves the satire of the picture itself. it is remarkable the style of the drawing and the face expression of the protagonist in the image. a splendid drawing in my opinion and also a fine work with the textures. nevertheless I have to say I also wondered if the ears were in front of the antlers or vice versa. I had also met this kind of situation once while drawing a bat in the art class. enough of a review and I hope my comments were helpful
P.S.: do Never underestimate the perception of your public.
keep moving.



so thats what

the moose from evil dead 1 does on hes free time