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Reviews for "Newgrounds RPG Demo"


It gets a 10 in humor because it made me laugh to see how bad it was lol. The guy is super slow and its all weird and tedious


AHHHHHH IT WONT PLAY (otherwise im sure i would like it) IT ONLY SHOWS THE MENU SCREEN!

no pot, no blood, no fun

we need to see some blood, i enjoy playing a game where when i kick someones ass they squirt blood all over the place

U gotta be kiddin me

i jus wasted the last 15 min playin this thing. its annoying. i had to fight like 500 people in the woods, and its like fighting the same thing over and over. BUT finally i get to the city, and whut happends, ITS OVER. WTF. this game is only on the front page becuz it deals with newgrounds. DONT PLAY THIS, its a waste


it's dumb i hate it. bad graphics,walks like a dork and has dumb moves with the sword.