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Reviews for "Newgrounds RPG Demo"

WOW indeed

that fuckin sucked...everything was slow..graphics were choppy.,..and its very boring...it sucks...u sucks..u might aswell just throw ur computer away! sorry its the truth ..u werent made to be a guy that makes good games...u were made to be making crappy games :|

WOW and people are saying this is good?!

This game sucks, the graphics sucks, the gameplay sucks, the fighing sucks, the music sucks, everyting sucks. you just took the pokemon idea and put it to your dumbass game. Wow that REALLY suckd


can you get through the forest?


Game gave me huge amounts of diaheria

Pretty Lame...

okay, okay the only thing i liked was the music, but the gameplay is sad, walking takes 5 hours for like 5 cm and that sword wasnt a broad sword! that was a longsword!!! broad swords are like this (|---|]=========> accept more lifelike.... bottom line is... it was dodgy