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Reviews for "Squirrel Squash"

A bit repetitve, but a great game nonetheless

I wonder if this was mainly for the music, though. I don't know where it comes from, but it helps make this another great creation of Wiesi.


That was great! ok,i am just crazy about squirrels but still... The time was too short though.Very nice game,keep making more!

This needs to be continued

Maytbe not a squeirell or whatever, but it could use much more interactivity, I loved the loop, there should be tons more obstacales. Like tons more! I give this a 5 all and all.

Final Score

It Was Fun!

It may not be the most genious game of all time but it was fun, origional, and had great music! This one is worth a try!


This is some kick ass game, too bad the squirell only has only goes around the ring instead of in the hole ;)